Friday, August 17, 2007

Salad, anyone?

These are some of the different tomatoes my husband is growing this year. They are ready to be picked, and DH and our son are presently in Alaska - biking, fishing, and backpacking. My daughter will probably pick them tomorrow, adding to the ones we already have in the refrigerator. I think it's time to offer some to friends and neighbors. The two of us can't eat that many by ourselves; and we are preparing to fly back to the East coast early Wednesday morning. I think we both will have to take these tomatoes to church on Sunday, and then whatever is left over I will take to work on Monday and Tuesday.

These are a few of our Roma tomatoes. These are my favorite; I really like their flavor best. I prefer this type for tossed and taco salads. If there is an overabundance this year I will probably freeze them and try to make homemade tomato sauce this winter.

These tomatoes I call grape tomatoes - I think they were supposed to be cherry tomatoes, but they are the size of large grapes. To me, cherry tomatoes are about 3-4 times larger. These little goodies make a great nutritious snack food during the day.

And here is a prize cucumber.
Bon appetit!


Body Soul Spirit said...

I love tomatoes from the garden. Nothing at the store tastes nearly as good. I limit myself to 6 plants. Even so, we are eating a lot of tomatoes. Yours look very healthy and perfect.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Your tomatoes look great! Mine have just started ripening and we had our first BLT's last week. I have a cucumber plant for the first time ever this year too. I cut up a cuke and a tomato and put peppercorn ranch dressing on them for supper...yummy!

mon@rch said...

Nothing better than home grown tomatoes!

LostRoses said...

I like the Roma tomatoes too, Mary, though I didn't plant any this year (I was lazy). I'll bet everyone enjoys the tomatoes they're about to get from you!

Mary said...

I have a bowl of home grown roma tomatoes in my frig right now for a salad tomorrow. You can't have too many tomatoes but I do remember having to give away 25 a day a few years ago. It was a job!

Next year, I'll have two plants. That's it.

When you come east, you won't need a jacket or sweater :o)

Martha said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for visiting. Love your photos and the video of the finch. Your flowers are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Those look so gooood!

Larry said...

You're tomatoes came out terrific.-Some of mine got hit with blight this year.


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