Friday, January 27, 2012

Rest in peace my friend

According to my son, Redd was a legend in his own right.  He was pure Siberian Husky, born in southern California November 1996.  He loved traveling to the Sierras, and he followed our son, Tim when he moved to Alaska.  Redd also traveled and moved with Tim to Portland, Oregon as well as Saranac Lake, New York.  When Tim moved back home here in San Jose back in 2007, he had in tow with him two dogs, Redd and Mick.  We lost Mick to kidney failure just last year.  She was only 10 years old.  But Redd was able to celebrate his 15th birthday just a couple months ago.  That is good for a husky.  Unfortunately, Redd had his health problems, and as he aged it was getting more difficult for him to fight off his health issues.  This past couple of months have been difficult for us because Redd couldn't keep any food down.  And he continued to lose weight.  In the last couple of weeks he lacked interest in eating and he continued to go downhill.  So, yesterday, Thursday, January 26, 2012, my husband had to take him to the vet to euthanize him.  Redd will be sorely missed, as well as all the rest of our pets who have gone on before us.  Rest in peace Redd.


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