Sunday, August 30, 2009

June blooming lilies

The month of June continued giving us a variety of colors and plants in our yard. Here are my favorite photos of our lilies, all located in the front yard. Below, you can see among the daylilies that I also have a few calla lilies. I love calla lilies although the flowers are too short-lived. But they do stand out among the other more colorful daylilies.

Here is a view of the daylilies as they encircle our crape myrtle tree. The smaller looking flowers in the foreground happen to be our white trailing lantana.

And my Easter lilies surround the birdbath.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our best blooming roses in June

The month of June continued to give us some really nice rose blossoms. Below is one of our hybrid teas named Cancun.
This is Golden Showers. It doesn't realize it's supposed to be a climber, but it does just fine as part of the bushes in our front yard.
Here is another shot of Cancun a few days later.
As mentioned in a previous post, this is one of our favorites, Desert Peace -- another of our hybrid teas.
Our third hybrid tea is called Mojave. This is what we enjoyed the first week of June. This is another beauty, but I feel the flower pops open much too quickly. But I do love the color.
Here is a shot of all three hybrid teas together.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time for some fledgling and nestling photos

June 1st was a banner day for birding. Heidi and I not only visited Shoreline in Mountain View, but we also visited Palo Alto Baylands. And the best part about visiting on the first of June was the number of "baby" birds that were roaming around. Here are a few of the photos I took of the "youngsters" at the Baylands.
Above is a fairly young American Avocet walking around on its own. Mama or Papa was probably watching closely. I think the parent was no more than twenty feet away. Below is another American Avocet with its chick in the mudflats. I would assume the chick was in no danger. Can you imagine how muddy this little one was? I'm glad it wasn't one of my own!
This babe is a black-necked stilt. Again, a parent wasn't too far off.
And here is another parent with its chick. This one didn't really look like it was ready yet to go into the water. These little chicks are so fluffy, and they don't stay that way for long. I'm glad we got to see these little offspring. That was quite a treat.
And here are a couple of cliff swallow nestlings. I'm sure by now they are no longer nestlings or fledglings. I'm fairly certain they are flying around with their folks all over the Baylands.
And, of course, we had to get at least one photo of a mother mallard and her darling little ducklings. This mama had nine ducklings following her.
I have more photos to post from this outing, although these were the only "baby" photos I had. Hopefully, I will post the next set of photos sooner than it took me to post this one!


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