Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our best blooming roses in June

The month of June continued to give us some really nice rose blossoms. Below is one of our hybrid teas named Cancun.
This is Golden Showers. It doesn't realize it's supposed to be a climber, but it does just fine as part of the bushes in our front yard.
Here is another shot of Cancun a few days later.
As mentioned in a previous post, this is one of our favorites, Desert Peace -- another of our hybrid teas.
Our third hybrid tea is called Mojave. This is what we enjoyed the first week of June. This is another beauty, but I feel the flower pops open much too quickly. But I do love the color.
Here is a shot of all three hybrid teas together.


Linda in Erie said...

Your roses are just splendid! I really love that bottom photo showing all the colors. I bet it smells so nice.

dAwN said...

Gorgeous Roses..My favorite is the desert peace as well!
Your roses look so healthy..I know they take allot of care...not easy to grow. You do a great job.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary, the roses are so beautiful.
My favorite has always been yellow roses. (and I'm not even from Texas!)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The roses are gorgeous.The only better thing would be to see and smell them in person.Thanks for sharing them.

Mary C said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you liked seeing some of my favs that bloomed in June.

Red said...

Your rose pictures came out really really well! Keep taking them :D

Larry said...

Beautiful! Do you use special powders, fertilizers etc? I've never had much luck with roses but do enjoy going to Elizabeth Park to see their giant displays in full bloom.

Mary C said...

Thanks, Red. You gotta admit they're easier to photograph than birds! ;o)

Hi Larry -- thanks. My husband tries to fertilize the plants about once a month or every other month. Now all he really needs to get done is get mulch down around our whole front yard. Then the entire yard will look so much better (and more attractive).

Leedra said...

Not ever had much luck with roses, yours are beautiful.


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