Saturday, October 27, 2007

Critter Pix

Earlier this week I saw Mon@rch post about a couple of praying mantids. They were great, and I commented that we have had at least one praying mantis in our front or back yard for the past 3 or 4 years. I also mentioned that I had several photos of these beautiful creatures and would post them. So, for those of you who like seeing photos of praying mantids, here they are.

This first photo was taken by Red (with my camera) in July 2006. She was out in the back yard watering some plants when she discovered this critter on the wall of our workshop/shed.

This second photo is on the stucco wall of our house, front yard. I found this critter when I was replacing the hummingbird food in the window feeder. This was in July of this year.

These last two photos (above and below) were taken last month (September). This praying mantis was sitting on our grass (miscanthus sinensis) that sits where our pathway and the end of our driveway meet.


mon@rch said...

These photos turned out perfectly! WOW and thanks for your kind words! High five to you and Red!

RuthieJ said...

Pretty cool pictures, Mary & Red! They're amazing looking insects.

Wren said...

Really neat - thanks for sharing the pix. I think I'm looking at a prehistoric creature everytime I see a mantis.

Adam R. Paul said...

Cool photos of a cool insect. We used to have these in our back yard when I grew up in Los Altos, but I don't see them in SF (probably because nearly nobody has a yard!).


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