Friday, May 16, 2008

Fried Poppies

These past couple of weeks we have been enjoying our other poppies. Spring has been kind to us. Temperatures haven't been any higher than 75 F. And everyone's flowers have been great, especially everyone's roses. Another post on that later. Here is a photo I took of our poppies last Friday.
And here is the temperature under our back patio yesterday around 6 pm. Before heading for work in the morning we knew it was going to be a hot day. The bay area had been warned about high temps for the latter half of this week. And mother nature did not fail us. While heading for work yesterday morning I realized that because of high temps I would want to head home early. We have our two dogs outside and four cats indoors. I tried to leave plenty of water for all of them. I left all windows open to let the morning air flow through the house, but I knew it would be hot and stuffy later in the day. So I left work early, around 4 pm.
And here is what I saw when I arrived home. My beautiful poppies were fried. I was told that the temperature had gotten up to 100 F yesterday here in the bay area, but our thermometers did not show it here. I've heard this morning on the radio it is presently 70 F, but our thermometer is showing closer to 60 F. Typically, the "official" temp is usually recorded at the San Jose airport, so obviously our temps will be slightly different. Most of the time, especially in the summer months, our temps here around Los Gatos can be cooler in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons. In other words, we experience more of an extreme in temperatures between morning and afternoon.

I haven't noticed any other flowers that wilted as badly yesterday. I guess these poppies are not cut out for summer-like temps. Today, it is forecasted to reach 95 F -- another hot day. Well, at least I'll be home to shut the windows sooner and turn on the AC when it feels uncomfortable. And I'll be around to replenish the pets' water bowls. Are you ready for summer?


Mel said...

I've never seen flowers go that bad :(

Red said...

in just a few hours too! i really like the closeups of those mom :) poor little flowers... of course that means now i can get an easier macro of that circus tent pod in the middle :D (always a silver lining)

Lynne said...

Waaaa! Poor crunchy poppies! They must be VERY tender.

Ruth said...

We are still at risk for overnight frosts here. On average we may see only a few days here and there in the summer where temperatures are above 90F. The poppies were lovely.

Mary C said...

Hi Mel - I don't remember seeing flowers get so burned like this before. But at least more of them are popping open each day. But the ones that opened yesterday morning were again "fried" by afternoon. We are now experiencing somewhat cooler temps. The breeze is coming from the ocean and bay tonight. So I hope we'll be back to mid to upper 70s during the day.

Thanks, Red. BTW, I like your macro shots of the poppies' centers.

Hi Lynne - I never realized they were tender. But I think they do like to bloom during cooler, more moderate temps. I think they usually bloom during the spring and die back by summertime, if I remember correctly. Who would have thought such a beautiful, brilliant red would turn black in the heat of the day?

Hi Ruth - isn't that amazing that you would still have to be wary of frosty nights in the middle of May? And this heat wave is usually short-lived. Cooler temps are coming. It never got over 90F today, and I can feel the cooler breeze coming in through the windows tonight.


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