Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the mend

Two weeks ago today we had to take Avalanche to the emergency vet services. He had stopped eating and drinking, and was quite a sick little guy. The diagnosis is still kidney disease, and my daughter Red has been giving him an IV daily (150 cc). But it certainly has helped. My husband took Avalanche back to the vet on Thursday to take another blood and urine test to check on his numbers. We got the call on Friday that Avalanche's numbers are improving but we still need to continue the IV. We were told that as long as he seems to be improving we can slow down with the IV by giving him less (100 cc), but continue daily for at least another week or two. If he continues to improve even more we can cut back to 50 cc. We are hoping that eventually we can give him only 50 cc every other day. But that is definitely in the future.
It certainly is good to have Avalanche getting back to normal -- like his "obnoxious" greeting first thing in the morning. He has the habit of being a furry alarm clock by jumping up on the bed and starts licking my face. This is usually around 6 in the morning, and he and the other cats don't get fed until 7 a.m. But I won't complain. Those days when he was feeling so miserable and I didn't have him as my morning wake-up call, I wanted to have him back so badly. And when Red has been giving him his IV in the evenings, he's also making it difficult for her. He doesn't seem to cooperate like he did when he was really sick. Welcome back, Avalanche, to the good life. I love you!


jan m said...

What a beautiful cat - reminds me of our Max of years ago. Glad he is on the mend.

adampaul said...

I'm glad Avalanche is doing better - he's very handsome. We're in the same boat with our Josie - she's on 100cc/day for the past few weeks. Those saline IVs really do help w/kidney-compromised cats!

mon@rch said...

Glad to hear your cat is doing better!

Mary C said...

Hi Jan - thank you. Avalanche is pretty special to us.

Hi Adam - thanks. I didn't realize that your cat has the same problem. How is Josie doing now? We think we've got Avalanche down to 100cc/day now (started this weekend). You're right how those saline IVs work wonders on these cats.

Hi Monarch - thanks! So far, so good. It's always so good when we can see an improvement in our dear furry friends.


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