Thursday, July 3, 2008

I can see clearly ...

In my previous post I showed photos of how smoky our valley has been during the course of the recent fires here in central and northern California. A few days ago the coastal/bay breezes returned and cleared out the smoke here in Silicon Valley. Those of us with respiratory problems and allergies can breathe a whole lot easier now. Here are some photos I took today. The sites/locations are about the same as the photos I took last week. Below is a portion of the Hamilton range (the range that separates us from the Central Valley). I left work early today since most folks who would use the library seemed to take the day off, getting a head start on the holiday weekend. I took this photo from the hospital employee parking lot.
Here is another shot of the Hamilton range, again from the employee parking lot. I do believe that is Mt. Hamilton, approximately 14 miles to the east and rising up to 4000 feet.
This photo (click to enlarge it) is looking west from the hospital. These mountains are part of the Santa Cruz hills where a couple of county parks are located.
This photo (below) is Blossom Hill in the foreground where the homes are located, approximately 800 feet in elevation and just about a mile to the south of where I live. The last ridge of mountains where you can see some towers is Mt. Umunhum and to the right of it is Mt. Thayer, each about 3200 feet in elevation. The ridge between Blossom Hill and Mt. Umunhum are the Los Gatos hills. These hills are about 1500-1800 feet in elevation.
Don't you just love seeing a palm tree in the midst of this picture? That tree is actually on the "valley floor" probably a few blocks away. In the foreground you can see the top part of the school where I snapped this photo. The elementary school is just a block away and has open space where I can get a decent photo without the power lines. If you look to the left of the palm tree you can see a big power "tower" and just behind it is Blossom Hill. The big hill or mountain would again be the Los Gatos hills (around 1500-1800 feet).


mon@rch said...

Glad the smoke has disappeared before the holiday!

Red said...

It should be a lovely day tomorrow provided no one is stupid and lights personal fireworks in the hills. I'd like it that people followed the laws and didn't do it in the city limits either, but I guess that's too much to ask.

Nice pics Mom! LOL@ the allergy suffering because today - now that it's clear - Pastor was sneezing a few times. :D Guess he's allergic to clean air.

jan m said...

Glad your air has cleared. What a beautiful blue sky!

Wren said...

Big difference from the previous photos. It must be a relief to see clearly and breathe freely again.

RuthieJ said...

Glad the air is starting to clear finally--hopefully the fires will be under control soon and no new ones will be started (although my brother in California mentioned last week that he saw some doofus flip a cigarette butt out the car window--I guess some people just don't get it!)

Mary C said...

Hi Monarch - you know, clean air is something we just take for granted, especially around here. And then when we don't have it we realize how much we miss blue clear skies.

Thanks, Red. That's funny about Pastor. Maybe he had a delayed reaction. ;o)

Hi Jan M - thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, that blue sky is something we take for granted and really shouldn't.

Hi Wren -- yes, it is a relief to be able to breathe cleaner air. I just wish all of the fires were contained. Maybe that will happen soon.

Hi Ruthie - "I guess some people just don't get it!" And my comment after reading yours was "you got that right!" Way too many "I don't care" folks around. And there seemed to be many more fireworks in our neigborhood than in the past -- and they are supposed to be illegal around here. And you would think some folks would have enough brains to want to be "fire safe."

Mel said...

Hi Mary,
It is good to know that things are better now, and that the smoked has cleared.
Take care,

KGMom said...

I like these views much better--as I am sure you do too.
Glad that at least in your part of CA it is clearing up a bit. Here's hoping it stays that way.

Red said...

sigh :( two days in a row of smazy skies... not to mention 100+ heat! Those poor firefighters :(


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