Monday, December 15, 2008

Seen from Sandia Crest - part 3

Ta da! And here are my photos of the rosy finches I saw at the feeders at the Sandia Crest House. I had to "enhance" most of these (in PhotoShop). You will probably want to click on the photos to see a larger image, especially the ones where the birds were down in the rocks. I'm not sure I can attempt to ID the species, except the white-breasted nuthatch in the last few photos.


Shellmo said...

Congrats on all your birdy visitors! And I need a tray feeder like that!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So many birds to photograph.I especially liked the way you caught the Nuthatch on take-off.
LOve the new look of your blog,very pretty.

Linda in Erie said...

I'd love to see a rosy finch. So glad you finally got to see some. They are very pretty birds.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they must have gotten a new tray feeder. When I was there, it was a Wildbird Unlimited one that looked plastic. How ever did you manage to get a downward looking shot, BTW?

Thanks for subscribing to my feed, I have done the same to your blog.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I have enjoyed catching up with you this morning.
These Rosy Finches are so pretty. You have lots of birds I may never see! I must get out of my backyard more.
Thanks for the great photographs of your trips too. You have been traveling!
I enjoyed seeing the Quail. Beautiful birds.
Happy Holidays,

KGMom said...

Isn't PhotoShop a godsend, at times. You get a good shot, but it's too dark--PhotoShop. Or an old photo has scratches--PhotoShop.
Love the new look of your blog--don't know when you changed it, but I like it.

Judy said...

Hi Mary, Glad you got some good shots of the Rosy Finches! I think that our lack of birds in Embudo Canyon must have been the time of day. When the Thursday Birders went in early Dec. - in early morning - we saw both the Crissal Thrasher and Black-chinned Sparrow:

Mary C said...

Thanks, Shelley. That is a really neat feeder. I think ABQ Audubon chapter or Wild Birds Unlimited provided the feeder.

Hi Ruth - that nuthatch in flight was one of my favorites, too. Thanks for the compliment on my blog's new look. My daughter is the one who likes creating new designs, and it had been awhile since my last update.

Thanks, Linda. I hope someday you'll get to see a Rosy finch, too.

Hi Bev - funny you should mention a "new" feeder. When I visited I thought it looked rather new. I wonder if whoever puts these feeders up if they replace them each winter. As for the downward shots I was at the railing outside between the Crest House and the scenic outlook. I kept seeing movement down in the rocks, etc. But because there was so much shade I wasn't sure I was able to get much. But thanks to Photoshop I was able to brighten up the pix.

Hi Sherry - glad you visited. I wish you and everyone who reads my blog a beautiful merry Christmas!

Hi Donna - yes, Photoshop can really make our less than ideal photos look great. ;o) Thanks for the compliment on my blog's "new" look. My daughter is the "genius" and changed (I think) last Monday.

Hi Judy - so glad you stopped by. I saw your post about your trip to Embudo Canyon with the Thursday Birders and had to smile because you had mentioned it was early in the morning. And I had thought the same thing about our trip a couple weeks earlier that the lack of birds was due to the time of day. But getting those scaled quail and the one canyon towhee made the trip worth it. And I so enjoyed birding with you. Maybe next year I'll get to see the Crissal Thrasher and black-chinned sparrow. And if you're up to it, I'd be glad to go birding with you again! ;o)


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