Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wiley vs Jay

I like to feed our scrub jays, but I try to be creative when it comes to putting the peanuts out for them. You see, we have squirrels, quite a few of them. And they have their own "feeder" where we continue to put peanuts in the shell in their container. But back in mid-January, on a Saturday morning, I actually saw a squirrel, a determined squirrel attempt to steal the peanuts I put out for the scrub jays. One of my creative places happens to be a couple of empty plant pots that are placed in a metal hanger that is connected to the wall of our shed. It's high enough that squirrels cannot jump up on the pots, yet it seems to be the perfect spot for the jays. And it's a perfect spot for me to watch the jays and get a few photos through my bedroom window.

Here is the culprit. I have named him Wiley. Would you believe this squirrel actually climbed up the wall to those pots!? These photos make him look so sweet and innocent. He succeeded too. I wish I had gotten a photo of him climbing the wall. He managed to steal at least 4 peanuts from the jays. I finally got upset enough that I went back out and retrieved the rest of the peanuts and had to put them in a platform feeder we have on a pole. That meant that I had to get the step stool out in order to put the peanuts in the feeder. The "pole feeder" is definitely squirrel proof. But I also thought those plant pots were squirrel proof. Oh well!

Maybe some day I'll be able to use those pots again for the jays' peanuts. But for now we'll have to try to stay a step ahead of Mr. Wiley.


Linda in Erie said...

The squirrel kind of looks like a Koala Bear, he is very cute. Squirrels are very entertaining so I don't mind them now. They and chipmunks used to drive me crazy stealing all the bird seed. I decided I can't win so now I take photos of them and wait for them to do something cute.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Trying to out wit the squirrels is not easy,but a lot of fun.

Ruth said...

It is hard to keep squirrels out for long. I watched one jump from our roof to the deck and he missed, hitting the ground with a thump. I though he was a goner, but he got up and tried again successfully. Nice photos of the jays.

Red said...

I think it's adorable that the squirrel keeps climbing the wall :D I almost caught him on camera... won't be long I'm sure before I do.

I'll have to post that picture of the squirrel on top of the pots and link it back to you.

Lynne said...

Those scrub jays are really pretty.
Squirrels are just so clever! I really think they have more determination that most any other critter too.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
You should buy some almonds or pecans in the shell and put them in a nut box for the squirrel. He'll be working so hard to get those nuts for himself and finding places to bury them that it will distract him from the scrub jays pot o' peanuts.

Mel said...

That nutty squirrel!

Larry said...

Squirrels probably have a brain the size of a peanut but when it comes to figuring out how to get to peanuts they are like bush-tailed Einsteins

Shellmo said...

I do love your creative idea for the pots as a bird feeder - they are very attractive! Loved seeing those jays w/ the big ole nuts in their mouths - I bet they were very happy!

Leedra said...

Love that 3rd photo.

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Mary C said...

Hi Linda - a koala bear? Mmmm, I'll have to think about that one. ;o) But I will admit they are cute; I guess that's why I tolerate them and their antics.

Ruth H - outwitting them is a losing battle, but like you said it's fun.

Hi Ruth - I have seena few squirrels do things I would have never thought they could do. They are amazing.

Red, I'm waiting for the moment one of can catch him/her in the act. Nobody will believe it! BTW, I like your photo of the squirrel on top of the pots.

Thanks, Lynne! Determination, perseverance, and comical. Maybe I can use those terms to name a few others that visit my yard.

Ruthie - I'll have to try that. In other words squirrels would prefer pecans and almonds over peanuts?

Mel, Shelley, and Leedra - thank you for stopping by and commenting! ;o)

Larry, I love your comment -- bush-tailed Einsteins! How true!


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