Monday, April 27, 2009

Where did they go?

I had anticipated and mostly hoped to see a few orioles this spring. So to prepare for their arrival I put up the oriole feeder and added a new item that I had purchased a couple years ago, but never did put up. I think I purchased this fruit feeder from Duncraft. Anyway, I only put the nectar feeder up in late March, and finally around mid-April saw my first hooded oriole which thrilled me. Then I thought if I put up the fruit feeder the orioles will stick around and possibly find a palm tree to nest in. Apparently, hooded orioles like to nest in palm trees and we have several of them around here in my neighborhood, including one of my next door neighbors.
And this year these birds have been shy coming to the feeder. I've only seen them about half a dozen times at the feeder. And trying to get a photo was quite a challenge. One day, I think last weekend, Red (aka Heidi) and I attempted to digitally capture at least one of the birds. I was determined to get a post-worthy photo. But could I? Of course not! The two photos below were about the best I could do. Granted, I'm still learning how to use my Canon Rebel and my new lens. But Mr & Mrs Oriole you need to return now and then when I'm watching so I can improve my photography techniques. And it wouldn't hurt if you were more cooperative.
And wouldn't you think I would have more opportunities than last weekend? OK, Mr & Mrs Oriole, where did you go? I haven't seen you for a whole week now. Here I provide you with an orange in addition to the nectar. Why aren't you grateful, and why haven't you returned? Where are you?
Have they migrated north? Or didn't they like the nesting accommodations provided by my neighbors? If they migrated, I guess I can take down the feeders until they return in the fall for their trip further south. But if they didn't migrate, what did I do wrong? :-(


Linda in Erie said...

I think they turned out pretty good! (said by me who posts anything that even vaguely resembles the creature she is taking a picture of.) But really, yours turned out nice and the Orioles are beautiful. I used to put out the hummingbird and oriole feeders but most years none came and I got a yard full of ants. So I'm counting on seeing other people's oriole and hummingbird photos.

Leedra said...

Patience...that is what birding is about. I wouldn't take the
feeder(s) down.

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Red said...

huh... and i thought it was just me not looking hard for them anymore. but now that i think about it, haven't heard them in about a week either.

Larry said...

I put oranges and grape jelly out for orioles and guess what eats them-Red-bellied Woodpeckers and catbirds.-When the orioles do come to my yard they eat crabapple blossoms, crabapples, and Mimosa flowers.They never touch the stuff I put out for them.

RuthieJ said...

That oriole is gorgeous! I was talking to Phil last week and he had one hanging around his place in Robbins too -- and he has a palm tree in his backyard, so hopefully Mr Oriole will find a mate and nest there.

Mary C said...

Thanks for the compliment, Linda. I guess I've learned from my daughter, seeing how crisp and well focused her photos usually are -- and I'm a bit envious, too. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos, sans ants!

True, Leedra. But, it's been two weeks now and no orioles. I truly believe they have migrated a little farther north.

Yeah, Red, I haven't heard them anymore. I'll sure be surprised if I take the feeder down and then they show up again.

Larry, that sounds like my experience. Last fall I put out grape jelly, but by the time I did put it out the orioles had already headed south. I would have thought that maybe a mockingbird or a scrub jay would have eaten the grape jelly, but I didn't have any takers.

Hey, Ruthie - has the oriole stuck around in Phil's yard? Or did he have the same experience with the oriole(s)' quick visit? Do you suppose (only kidding) that the ones visiting my yard decided to visit Phil, too? ;o)


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