Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Chinese goose at Palo Alto Baylands
May 4, 2009


Red said...

That must be one that I ignored. I'll bet it was the same one I took last fall though :)

Leedra said...

I have seen a couple of these this year (one in Tennessee and one in Florida) and wondered what they were. Couldn't find them in any birding book I had.

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Red said...

Leedra, I had that trouble too. It's because they aren't supposed to be here :) They were domesticated escapees and their descendants. I guess birding books don't take into account we beginners don't have a clue about that.

Linda in Erie said...

I used to raise some Chinese Geese and Toulouse Geese on my ranch when I lived in CA. I bought them from a mail-order hatchery. I think the photo is of a Toulouse Goose. It looks just like my Toulouse Geese. My Chinese Geese where white with a huge bright orange/yellow lump on their bills/heads. I have seen photos of some called Chinese Geese that are dark but I think yours is a Toulouse. Go Pittsburgh Penguins!

Mary C said...

Red, the goose was in the back. Remember when we were photographing the hawk? And around the corner was this fenced-in area where there was some farming equipment, and there were a couple of geese standing around. I thought it was an interesting looking goose at the time.

Hi Leedra - I'm just learning, too, about some of these exotic and cross-bred waterfowl. They definitely make life interesting when it comes to identifying them.

Linda, take a closer look at the goose. It does have a bump on its beak. It's also possible it is a cross breed of the Chinese and Toulouse Geese.

Linda in Erie said...

I didn't enlarge the photo. It does have a bump and it has an odd facial color. I suspect a cross, too.


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