Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our roses during the month of May

During the month of May, our roses put on a beautiful show. And I thought it was about time I shared some of my best photos of them. We have quite a variety, yet most of their proper names are a mystery to me. The majority of our roses are in our front yard which has a southern exposure. We have four others on the east side of our house, and only a couple of them are located between our workshop/shed and the back of our house. These roses that are between the two buildings get early morning sun and late afternoon sun. They are also "protected" by a bunch of my cannas. And the mixture of colors is kind of funny. Our house and shed have a New Mexico adobe type of color, our cannas are the bright neon orange, and the roses are a vivid pink, as you can see in this photo below. The cannas are missing from this photo, but you'll have to use your imagination for that color.
This miniature rose is located by our front pathway. It's a bright salmony color, and is quite prolific when it's in bloom.
This one is called Golden Showers. It is supposed to be a climber, but it does better as a "bush." We used to have it in a pot near our front patio, but it never did very well once it was pot-bound. So, my husband planted it in the ground between our front pathway and our crape myrtle tree, and it is flourishing.
This beautiful rose is a floribunda named Princess of Wales. I got it "free" as a gift for purchasing other plants through This was also in a pot for quite a few years, and is now in the ground in our front yard and seems to be a bit happier. I really like its white blossoms with dots of pink on the undersides of its petals.
This is one of our three hybrid teas that are grouped together just outside our large kitchen window. In the front yard it's located between our driveway and our crape myrtle tree. This is a perfect location for them, a southerly exposure and a great place to see these beauties first thing in the morning when I go out to the kitchen to feed our kitties.
This is another miniature rose, I think it's called Candy Stripe. I've had this one for many years, and again, one that was in a pot for years until we were able to landscape our front yard about 6-7 years ago. Gosh, I can't believe it's been that long ago we put in the pavers and landscaped with a drip irrigation system.
And back to our trio of hybrid teas outside the big kitchen window. This one is called Mojave. Its color looks so much like a Mojave or southwestern sunset.
This pink rose was here when we bought the house, and it looked like it had been there for quite a few years. I love how this rose first opens up with the dark petals on the outer edges and the inner section a lighter shade of pink. This rose has a very nice fragrance. The bush itself (the main trunk) looks terrible. It looks like somebody had taken a hatchet to it. But, it was most likely damaged in a storm and/or a tree branch may have fallen on it when it was much younger. Anyway, this rose is located on the east side of our yard, and we've been fixing up the side yard, which means we are thinking of disposing of it. But first I want to try to get some cuttings and see if I can root them. I'd love to have another one of these roses, and I have no idea what its name would be.
This is the third rose of our trio of hybrid teas (front yard). This one is called Desert Peace. I love its multi-colored petals. It seems to be appropriately named since the colors could possibly make one think of the beautiful southwest desert (especially in the spring when the desert is in full bloom).
This is what the month of May brought us in the form of roses. I hope you liked seeing the beautiful colors we enjoyed.


Ruth said...

I have had no luck with roses, but enjoy their beauty and scent. Yours are beautifully pictured. Thanks for sharing.

Linda in Erie said...

You have such a beautiful garden. I love roses and had dozens of bushes when I lived in CA. Hardly anyone landscapes much here with roses because of the harsh winters. I bought 2 rose bushes this year and put them in large planters that I plan to bring into the basement for the winter (I don't know how I will accomplish this as they are so heavy.) The only roses that do well in our area are some kind of red ones I see near some old houses. I think they may be the old Chrysler Imperial. Your Mojave is really striking and that two-toned pink one is gorgeous!

Red said...

This guy told me on this photo that the pink sideyard rose is a "Paradise". After looking it up, I think he is right.

Now, of only some good samaritan would come by and tell me what the gorgeous dark red sideyard rose is again so I can write it down online where I shouldn't lose it again.

Mel said...

Hola Mary,
That last rose is just lovely!
I don't really like roses as much as wild flowers, but yours are so pretty!

Leedra said...

Your roses are beautiful. Candy Stripe is so unusual.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have posted a lovely bouquet of roses.Thanks.

Mary C said...

Ruth, thank you. I'm aware that many parts of the country have harsh winters and it's a struggle to have roses in one's garden. I'm certainly glad, and blessed, that I can enjoy these beautiful plants where I live.

Hi Linda. Thanks for the compliments. I remember that name, Chrysler Imperial. They are probably quite hardy and used to the lower temps of winter where you are. Since you are heading west in the near future, you may see some roses on your trip. I would think you'd see some around the Delta, maybe even the Tahoe area, too.

Red - that's a beautiful photo of the pink rose you have on Flickr. It sure is nice that some folks are able to help us out. So for now, we can call the pink rose Paradise. Let's home we can root some cuttings. If not, maybe we can find a nursery that would be able to provide another one for us.

Hi Mel. Thank you. Yes, I think roses can be just as lovely as wildflowers and some of them have a fragrance that cannot compare to any of the wildflowers. ;o)

Thanks, Leedra. Yes, that Candy Stripe is quite unusual.

Thanks, Ruth! Blessings to you. I would assume you cannot get roses to survive your winters. So, it's nice that you can enjoy others' in a virtual way.

KGMom said...

Goodness--you have lovely roses.
You must have lots of sun.
I had three rose bushes for a while--now our house has too much shade for roses (and veggies).

dAwN said...

Gorgeous photos Mary! your roses are beautiful..My favs are the striped one and the last one!

Mary C said...

Hey, Donna. Yes, we do get quite a bit of sun. Our front yard faces south, and California is known to have quite a few days of sunshine. I know what you mean about too much shade. Part of our front yard is quite shaded, thanks to our next door neighbor's huge palm tree. The sad part is that we can't get much to grow on that side of the yard. We're not sure if it's the soil, or if it's the shade -- or maybe both.

Thanks Dawn! Yes, one of my favs, too, is the Desert Peace (last photo). Take care while on your cross-country journey.


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