Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monterey Bay Birding Festival 2010

Last weekend was the 6th annual Monterey Bay Birding Festival. Here are some photos I took while on one of the events, Elkhorn Slough Safari. This was done on a 27-foot pontoon boat, and the Captain was Yohn Gideon, owner and operator. The weather was great and my husband and I wish we could have gone for at least another 2 hours.
Sea lions hanging around the pier.
Cormorants - double-crested, pelagic, and Brandt's, hanging around the pier.
Notice the upper center cormorant with his beautiful blue throat-patch - a Brandt's cormorant.
Heermann's gull perched near the pier. He was hanging around with other gulls and cormorants.
A group of sea otters in the slough.
Close-up of some of the sea otters. The otter in the foreground with the whitish face is apparently the "grandfather" of the group. Actually, we were told that the older the otter gets the "whiter" or grayer their faces get.
Close-up of an otter eating a clam.
Harbor seals. Notice they are smaller than the sea lions, and they lack the "ears" that sea lions have.
Close-up view of a few harbor seals.
Brown pelicans along the edge of the shore.
Close-up view of a few brown pelicans.
A white pelican taking a snooze, and a couple of gulls standing guard.
Landscape of the Elkhorn Slough area. Notice the farming area in the background. This is a well-known agricultural area, especially known for artichokes, lettuce, cabbage, etc.
Brown pelicans watching the humans on the boat.
A brown pelican hanging around all those cormorants.
Captain Yohn took everyone's picture, or at least those folks who were sporting a camera. This Safari is highly recommended, and is available for various events/outings. There's also a special Photo Safari scheduled for Oct 23rd on a Saturday afternoon. I sure wouldn't mind going again.


Erie's Argonaut said...

The Brandt's cormorants look so pretty with that blue. That one underneath has a really blue throat. The sea otters are so cute. I hope to see some someday. We just got back from 16 days in Glacier NP, Yellowstone and the Tetons. We saw so many animals! Trips are so awesome. There were some birding groups at Yellowstone while we were there and they seemed to be having so much fun. From your photos your outing with the Monterey Bay Birding Festival looks like fun, too!

Mary C said...

Hi Linda - it sounds like you had a really good trip. And it's always good to get back home, too, isn't it? Yes, the trip was really fun. I hope to post more in the next couple days.


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