Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to 'fess up!

I saw this meme on several other blog posts, so I figured it was time to share some personal trivia with the rest of my blogging buddies. So, here goes:

1. Do you like blue cheese? not really

2. Have you ever smoked? no - I'm extremely smoke sensitive

3. Do you own a gun? no

4. What flavor Kool Aid is your favorite? cherry sounds good - I like most flavors

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? no

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I enjoy them now and then - with hot dog relish

7. Favorite Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? French vanilla flavored coffee

9. Can you do push-ups? no

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? I don't like wearing jewelry

11. Favorite hobby? birdwatching

12. Do you have A.D.D? i don't think so

13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? glasses

14. Middle name? two middle names: Julia and Theresa

15. Name thoughts at this moment? getting this meme done and posting it

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Crystal Light, herbal tea, French Vanilla coffee

17. Current worry? none

18. Current hate right now? ???

19. Favorite place to be? home

20. How did you bring in the New Year? sleeping

21. Where would you like to go? nowhere in particular

22. Name three people who will complete this? I think all my blogging friends have already completed it.

23. Do you own slippers? yes

24 What color shirt are you wearing? burgandy

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? never tried them

26. Can you whistle? not really

27. Favorite Color? teal ;)

28. What songs do you sing in the shower? usually pieces we've practiced in choir

29. Would you be a pirate? no

30. Favorite Girl's Name? Heidi

31. Favorite boy's name? Tim (Timothy)

32. What's in your pocket right now? nothing

33. Last thing that made you laugh? a .wmv called Psycho Cats -- I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes

34. What vehicle do you drive? Saturn Aura

35. Worst injury you've ever had? The only injury I remember would be when my 6-yr old brother (and I was about 8) was tossing rocks up into the air, and my head was the recipient -- bloody mess -- didn't need stitches, though.

36. Do you love where you live? YES.

37. How many TVs do you have in your house? Three (seven computers though)

Wow! After completing all the answers and then reviewing what I wrote my thoughts were: "What a boring individual!" Oh well, it may not look like it, but I still enjoy life. :)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I don't think you are boring by those answers.Why do you think I don'tdo this meme?I would have too many no or question mark answers.
Have a great day and enjoy the birds.

Linda in Erie said...

I'm going to have to find that Psycho Cat wmv because I could use a good laugh today. I haven't completed the meme yet, not sure my answers would be interesting at all. I wish I loved where I live. Even with all the problems California has, it is still the best state to live, in my humble opinion. Lucky you!

Lynne said...

I'm looking up Psycho Cats too.
We must not be a satin sheet crowd. Nobody sleeps in the,.

Red said...

Well, I'm glad to hear Tim and I are the favorite names :) Probably would hear it if you didn't say that though! LOL!

If y'all haven't seen it yet...


Mary C said...

Ruth, you are so sweet to say that. But, at least I do enjoy the birds and the Lord's other creatures and flora.

Linda, see Red's comment. She attached a link. If the link doesn't work for you, send me an email at marycarlson10 at gmail dot com and I will send you the link. You'll love it.

Lynne, I was noticing that no one in our "crowd" has tried, much less slept, on satin sheets. So, it's probably safe to say that none of us are a satin sheet crowd.

Red - thanks so much for posting the link. And at the hour I was filling in my answers, nothing else came to mind for favorite names. But, then again, why would you both have the names you have?

KGMom said...

Ahh-Mary--you're not boring, you are right where many of us are.
Psycho Cats, huh?

Mary C said...

Hi Donna - you must be saying I'm in good company then. ;o) Yes, Psycho Cats - did you check it out? It's a barrel of laughs.

RuthieJ said...

Not at all boring Mary! I love reading these!


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