Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to St Louis to fly home

Following the high school reunion weekend, we also had the opportunity to visit friends and relatives on Sunday before driving back to St Louis.  The weather for most of the week was humid as expected, but also mostly cloudy and a bit rainy.  We were aware that flooding had occurred throughout the mid-west before leaving home, but we had not heard that the Galesburg area had been affected.  Throughout our travels we did notice a number of corn fields and soy bean fields that had patches or places where the crop was flooded.  We also noticed a few areas throughout our traveled area that some farmers have/had total crop failure since most of their crops were still under water.  But I think what really hit home for me was our little trek over to the Gateway Arch in St Louis.  I had never been there and wanted very much to visit since we didn't have to be at the airport for a couple of hours.  I also learned that the Arch is located right by the Mississippi River, whereas the airport is located more inland to the northwest of the Arch.  Needless to say, I hope the photos will show how bad off this area of St Louis was.  These photos were taken on Monday, June 27.

I took this photo from inside the car since it was raining.  Actually, all of these photos were taken from inside the car.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It seems that flooding is prevalent all over the country.Those river levels look very high.

Mary C said...

Hi Ruth - it's so good to hear from you. Yes, the Mississippi River was so high the streets by the riverfront were about 4-6 inches deep.

Erie's Argonaut said...

Wow, the river was high. My husband and I were in St. Louis a few years ago and walked that street down by the river and the river was low and kind of smelled down there. I just hope the water didn't do too much damage to the old bricks on that sidewalk in the photo. We just loved St. Louis. They had great museums and transportation. It's too bad it was raining when you visited.


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