Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Killdeer in the city?

My son and I were taking his two dogs for a walk Sunday afternoon. While we were on a well-used, main thoroughfare (2 lanes on each side), across from the hospital where I work, and a few hundred yards from a busy freeway, a couple of birds came out from "nowhere." They ran out to the center of the street, and started flip-flopping. I then realized that this is something killdeer do to lure one away from their nest. I was dumb-founded to say the least, and I didn't have my camera out and ready. But I made sure I had my camera ready when returning from our walk. I found the birds darting back and forth in a cul-de-sac off the main street from where I had seen them previously. At least they didn't do their flip-flopping this time. I will assume it was a mama and papa. Anyway, after trying several times to get a decent picture of one of the adults, I then saw a little "peep." Oh, he was so cute! He looked like a miniature version of his parents, of course. And trying to get a picture of him/her was even more difficult than its parents.

What surprised me most was that there was only one offspring - or at least that is all that I saw. I am curious to see if this should happen again the next time I go walking in that direction. I wonder if I could find the nest. Would killdeer make their nest in a garden of flowers and hedges up against a building? Or would they build their nest on an empty plot of ground that is located just across from this building?


Mary said...

Mary, that baby made me laugh out loud! Gangly, awkward thing!

Killdeer are strange in behavior and I hear they will nest is the strangest places - anywhere, really!

Good photo!

Body Soul Spirit said...

I really like your pictures. The kildeer nest in the field at the end of our street (in the city) had 4 eggs, and all were destroyed. A nest on the ground has to be vulnerable for sure!

LostRoses said...

I love watching these birds and they're so vocal when they're protecting their offspring! They nest in an open field next to work. Great shots you got!


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