Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Roses, roses, roses

I get to see these roses first thing every morning. I get up to feed the cats and look out my picture window from the kitchen. (Our kitchen is located in the front part of the house.) I love roses, especially when they are in the budding stage. Some of them look their best when they are just budding.

And this is the "Cancun" hybrid tea. (single rose)

This is a group of "Cancun" roses.
And this is the "Mojave" hybrid tea.


Mary said...

Beautiful roses, Mary. Your colors are so vibrant and it looks like those roses love their home!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary:

I saw your post on Women's Health News. I searched the keyword "homocysteinemia" in Ovid Medline and got over 200 hits. Looks like a lot of them are indexed with the MeSH *Homocysteine / bl [Blood] OR *Hyperhomocysteinemia /. You may want to look at some of those.

Here is one example article title:
Prognostic value of homocysteinemia in patients with congestive heart failure
UI: 16776625

Hope this helps. You may want to subscribe to the Expert Searching Listserv from MLA. The librarians there share search tips and strategies.

Happy Friday.
Dhyana, Medical Librarian

Red said...

sorry for being critical... but hey, you know me ;)

anyway, great layout and you got the pictures laid out all great, but i think when labeling the single roses you mixed up mojave and cancun... mojave has less petals and a looser layout and cancun has more petals and a tighter bud... can't go by coloring as for some reason they look the same color on the screen.

But you did get the clustered roses right! (gotta end on a positive, lol) Oh and on your previous post... the second rose posted is the mojave just to compare.

Mary Carlson said...

Mary - thank you for the compliments.

Dhyana - thank you so much for the info. I have a small sub to OVID - looks like I should try doing a Medline search on the OVID platform. Thank you for the suggestion about the MLA listserv - I think that's a great idea.

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures of the roses! It's nice to meet another falcon fan!


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