Saturday, December 1, 2007

Raptors on the Refuge

This year it seemed we saw many more raptors than we did previous years. There were Red-tailed hawks and Northern Harriers just about everywhere. Of course, if you would have seen all the waterfowl you would certainly understand why so many winged predators were present.

These two photos are of the same bird, but they were the best shots I could get of the Aplomado falcon, found on the Farm Loop of the Bosque del Apache NWR. This bird has not been seen in this area for many years. It is now being re-introduced by being raised on the Armendaris Ranch, owned by Ted Turner and managed by Tom Waddell. These birds may have been "raised" on the ranch south of the Refuge, but two of these falcons were recently seen on the Refuge which would mean they had been released into the wild. The two falcons found on the Refuge were noted as one adult female and one juvenile (possibly male). And I'm thinking this may be a juvenile male, but I'm not positive.

A great explanation of this program and much better photos of the Aplomado falcon can be found on another blog called Wildbirds Broadcasting. Click on the link and read more about these fascinating birds.

And here is a red-tailed hawk also found on the Farm Loop of the Bosque.

All of these photos were taken on Friday, November 17th, while we were touring the Refuge.


Anonymous said...

Nice ... I love the reintroduction success stories. It's an extra thrill when you see one of those guys in the wild.

mon@rch said...

Every bird of prey is exciting to see! Great Work

Mary C said...

Wren and Monarch - thanks. Yes, it is exciting to see birds of prey released and survive back in the wild. I guess that's why I get excited about watching peregrine falcons on web cams and see them up close and personal - and knowing they are thriving.


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