Monday, April 7, 2008

On the way . . .

A couple of Sundays ago, (March 30th) the San Jose Sharks had an afternoon home game. That gave Red (my daughter) and me a photo op before entering the arena. For years, in the spring, we have admired some of the flora we see while walking to the arena. [We choose to park off-site since the cost of parking in the lot is more than $12/game. Being season ticket holders that can cost a big bundle of change (in addition to what we pay for our seats).] Anyway, back to the floral admiration. The residential area is an older part of San Jose, so many of the plants are quite mature. The one plant we admire most is the trumpet vine (Distictis buccinatoria). Apparently, this is a Mexican native and does very well here in the Bay Area.
These trumpet flowers are quite large -- they are about 4 inches long and about 2-1/2 inches wide.
Another mature plant we have admired is the potato vine (Solanum). This one was located a few feet from the trumpet vine. And this plant is (according to Red) a true jasmine. We found this climbing up one of the more mature trees in the neighborhood.
And while standing at an intersection, waiting for the light to change, I saw these gazanias. This is that time of year when so many plants look so beautiful, so full of new growth and energy, and certainly not looking tired from heat exhaustion.


Ruth said...

Viewing beautiful flowers while going to a hockey game...impossible for me to imagine!

mon@rch said...

Stunning photos and love going to hockey games!

Red said...

LOL Ruth! It is a trade-off... here the ice sucks year round... too humid in the winter and too warm in the fall and spring.

Not only did the blossoms I plucked match the pictures, but now that is has dried it even smells more like my jasmine tea, so I'm positive it's jasmine.

Mel said...

Beautiful flowers!

Mary said...

Beautiful! We have trumpet vines covering the landscapes here, too.

Nice photos, Mary. Pardon my ignorance, you are you talking about ice hockey? My husband was a huge fan (Canadian and east coast) until he discovered golf.


Mary C said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the comments.

Ruth, I know it does seem strange, even for us to think of beautiful flowers while headed for a hockey game. It certainly wouldn't be possible anywhere else except here and Florida and Texas. But Red put it in the proper perspective - lousy ice, beautiful flowers - not much of a trade-off if we're serious about hockey! ;o)

Monarch - so you like hockey games, too? Are you rooting for any one team in particular? New York Rangers? New Jersey Devils? Ottawa Senators?

Thanks, Mel. Do you know about ice hockey? I would imagine you would know something about futbol or soccer, right?

Mary, aren't trumpet vines beautiful? They certainly are quite noticeable wherever they grow. And yes, we are avid ice hockey fans. We've been season ticket holders since the first year the Sharks were formed in 1991.

An update for those who may be interested. The Sharks played the Calgary Flames here in San Jose, last night (Wed) and tonight. Sharks lost last night, and won tonight. So the series is split 1-1. Sharks go play in Calgary for the next two games, on Sunday and Tuesday.


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