Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time for some bird pix

Some of these photos go back to late February. That's how far behind I am in posting. The photo below is a female Anna's hummingbird. She came to the window feeder during the day when it was raining. Be sure to click on the photos to get a larger view.
Same window as the one above. This is my bedroom window, and it's where my computer faces out to the back yard. I have the hummingbird feeder and this other feeder attached to the window. This photo was also taken way back in February on the same rainy day. Notice this lesser goldfinch is not quite in breeding plumage yet.
And now, notice this little guy is looking more like he's in his breeding plumage. And this photo was taken only two weeks later (early March), and obviously at a different feeder. This one is located in my front yard, hanging from the crepe myrtle tree.
Here's another shot, same day, and I caught one little female as she was flying in. The male lesser goldfinch on the left is not as brightly colored (plumaged) as the one on the right.
And this beauty is one of our neighborhood mockingbirds. We all came home from church a couple Sundays ago (early April) and heard this beautiful, melodious singing. I found him perched up in my next door neighbor's tree, singing his heart out. I wonder if he has found himself a mate yet.


Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Hi Mary C! Such lovely photos of your birds. What a beauty...the lesser goldfinch!

Anonymous said...

Love the Lesser Goldfinches. It's funny - although I see American Goldfinches out and about pretty often, I hardly ever see Lesser Goldfinches anywhere other than feeders!

Mary said...

Hi Mary,

I am swooning over your Anna...that's a fantastic photo! Hummingbird season is beginning here; however, our winter-like temps sent the one male ruby-throated away... I hope they return.

Mockingbirds have wonderful voices. But when they're mad, it sounds dreadful! LOL!


Mary C said...

Thanks, Aunt B. It's funny how some of these little ones are so fearless while eating, and others of the same species can be so spooked when you try to get their picture.

Hi Adam - so glad you stopped by. I wouldn't have thought you had time since you may still be sorting through all those beautiful photos of yours from your trip. Funny you mentioned about the American Goldfinch out and about, although I don't usually see them, I know they are around in the area. I think some folks in the Santa Cruz hills get the bright yellow ones at their feeders. But I'm satisfied to get the "lessers." They are still beautiful.

Thanks, Mary! We've had some chilly nights here - back down into the high 30s and low 40s. And our daytime temps have been below normal. Gosh, when we had summer-like temps last weekend, it was too much too soon. But we've been back to the spring-like (but cooler than usual) temps. I'll take that anytime. I'm such a pansy - I don't like it too cold, and I don't like it too warm/hot. ;o) lol

RuthieJ said...

Aren't those window feeders great?? Are they making your kitties crazy?

Mary C said...

Hi Ruthie - yes, I LOVE window feeders. It makes for great picture taking, and our kitties go so crazy they go flying from the bed to the window sill (about 10 feet). ;o) lol I originally thought it was great entertainment for the cats, and now there are times I have to scold them for chasing the birds away, especially the hummers first thing in the morning when they so desparately need re-fueling.

Shellmo said...

I especially enjoyed the photo of the hummingbird!

Mary C said...

Hi Shelley - thanks for stopping by and commenting. And I think the hummer is my favorite, too. BTW, I stopped by your blogs and profile. I really like your photos of the goldfinches. I'll be sure to stop by your blogs again. I like how you are keeping a "journal" of your log cabin building. Sounds really nice.

mon@rch said...

I love seeing your birdies and your pictures are stunning!

Prasad said...

Cute birdies! Wait until that mockingbird perches on a tree in your backyard, it will keep calling nonstop all day :) Also you might see him do the wing-flash act.

Kathiesbirds said...

Mary, nice to see you back again. Looks like your yard has been busy this spring. Do you have any nesting birds?

Mary C said...

Thanks, Monarch.

Hi Prasad - I love hearing these birds sing. This one was perched in my next door neighbor's tree, and I've also heard it across the street, too. They definitely are not "quiet" singers!

Hi Kathie - thanks. Yes, plants and birds seem to be doing their spring exhibiting at full force. And I'm enjoying every minute of it.


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