Thursday, April 10, 2008

Remembering Kody

On this date (April 10th) last year our family had to say goodbye to Kody. I can't believe it's been a year already, and we still miss him. Kodiak, Kody for short, was a pure-bred Siberian Husky. We adopted him from a rescue group here in San Jose. Kody was 5 years old when we adopted him. But we are grateful for the 5 years he lived with us. My daughter Red posted a remembrance of Kody, too. She has a beautiful slide show of photos of Kody, many of him out in the Sierras, backpacking. Kody loved the outdoors, especially when camping, hiking, or backpacking, and always wanted to be around people. If you love pictures of dogs, especially Siberian huskies, visit Red's blog.
The photo above is Redd on left, Kody on right, taken New Year's Eve, 2004.

This photo of Mick, Kody, and Redd were also taken on New Year's Eve 2004. My son's dogs (Mick and Redd) were here visiting us for the holidays. Tim was living in Portland, Oregon at the time.

This photo of Kody was taken in May 2005. This was in the front yard and he was ready to go for a walk. Kody was great when it came to taking him for a walk. He hardly ever pulled, unlike Mick and Redd. Those two are always ready to run!

Kody on left, Redd on right. Redd (and Mick, not shown) were visiting again in July 2005.

This is the last photo I have of Kody. I took this picture of him after we had gone to the percolation ponds, where I like to go birding. This was the holiday weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count, February 17, 2007. Kody succumbed to hemangiosarcoma, a fast killing cancer, April 10, 2007.

Here is a brief video I had of Kody, Mick, and Redd taken on New Year's Eve morning 2004.


Red said...

aw :)

i really like that one of Redd and Kody on my bed. So cute :)

Birdfreak said...

So great to have dogs yet so hard when you have to say goodbye.

Wonderful, gorgeous dog!!

Huskies are one of my favorites - they are even the mascot of my Alma Mater - Northern Illinois University

Mary C said...

Thanks, Red. I hope others have visited your blog and left comments.

Thanks, Birdfreak. I wasn't aware that your alma mater's mascot was a husky. They certainly are beautiful dogs, and so playful, as well as hard workers when they need to work (such as the Iditarod). Of course, all of our huskies are just plain pets.

Mel said...

Handsome Kody, Mary.
Sorry about your loss, lovely pictures of a lovely friend.

KGMom said...

Oh Mary--sorry for this sad anniversary. It is very hard to lose a much loved pet. And he is still with you--fresh in memory.

I am so glad you posted a comment on Mary's View--I had lost your blog name (inadvertently deleted it) and was hunting and hunting to see a comment from you to reconnect.

Mary C said...

Thanks, Mel.

Donna, thanks. I can't believe that every time I look at one of Kody's pictures I get a lump in my throat and even feel a little melancholy. For some unknown reason his death has hit me harder than any of our previous pets. Maybe you're right, maybe it's because it's still fresh in my memory.

As for your other comment, I'm glad you found me again! lol. I have to admit that I haven't been leaving any comments on your blog lately. Actually, I haven't been leaving very many comments on anyone's blogs lately. That's probably because I haven't had time. Now where have we heard that before? lol ;o)

Mary said...


Of course you still miss Kody. Thanks for sharing him with us - he is a beautiful Husky.

My neighbors down the street have two who always seem to run away from home. LOL!


RuthieJ said...

Poor Kody, I bet it still brings a tear to your eyes to look at these pictures doesn't it?
They are such beautiful dogs. My icky neighbor has one that's just tied outside most of the time. I wish I could dog-nap her and keep her as my own dog because she seems very sweet and well-behaved and hardly ever barks.

Mary C said...

Hi Mary - thanks for stopping by. That's no surprise about the neighbor's dogs always "on the run." ;o) My son's dogs will do that every chance they get. As a matter of fact, it happened this morning. Tim didn't "secure" Redd's connecting clasp, and before you knew it Redd out running having so much fun, trying to get us to chase him. Kody had his share of getting loose, too. Huskies are such fun dogs, but they do love to run.

Hi Ruthie - yes, I still get a lump in my throat and a bit melancholy when I see a picture of him. That's another good quality in huskies - they don't bark much. But I think Kody was an exception. He never wanted to be away from human contact (except when he would get loose and run off). He would bark when we would leave him outside, until we would let him back in the house. His barking got worse around the time he was getting sick (but we didn't know he was sick at the time).


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