Friday, June 22, 2007

My Late Blooming Amaryllis

I have a good friend who gave me this amaryllis plant for Christmas (2005), and this photo (top) was taken when it was at its fullest bloom Feb 2006. The photo below shows two buds about to open, taken last Friday, June 15th in the morning. I wasn't sure this plant was going to bloom at all this year because I did not "follow directions" by putting it in a dark spot for a few months last winter.

This photo (below) was taken Saturday, June 16th, late afternoon -- about 36 hours later.
This photo (below) was taken about 24 hours later - June 17th, late afternoon. Again, a significant change.
And this photo (below) was taken Tuesday morning, June 19th. I decided that the light reflection would be better from the kitchen. So I moved the plant just to see how it would look from another angle. I still wasn't pleased. I figured I'd try another spot in another day or two.

So I decided to try taking a picture of this amaryllis from the living/dining room and see what the results would be. This one (below) was taken today, June 22, early afternoon. Amazing how different it can look when one changes its location, angle and lighting. Of course, we can now see there are four open blossoms. This plant has changed quite a bit in just a week's time.

And this is just another shot, taken from the same location, same time of day, just a different angle.


Mary said...

Hi Mary!

Sometimes we never know what makes flowers tick, right? Something obviously worked well for your late blooming Amaryllis. It's so pretty...

I can picture you analyzing that plant and moving it around in your house. I get obsessed, too :o)

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Mary. That's a beautiful amaryllis and what a treat to have it blooming in summer instead of winter.

(Don't your kitties chew on it? My cat would have those leaves shredded in a matter of hours)

Mary Carlson said...

Hi Mary - yes, I keep moving it around trying to find the best location for it, especially when I was trying to find a good spot to take the pictures.

Hi Ruth - yes, the pix don't show it, but my cats chewed some of the leaves when the leaves first got started popping up through the soil. :)

Larry said...

Very nice-I started to realize that it's not even worth trying to take a picture unless you have the right lighting angle.-I'm not sure what the right lighting angles are-and sometimes birds don't leave you many options.

Body Soul Spirit said...

Out of season flowers are a special treat...


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