Sunday, June 24, 2007

A favorite backyard resident

Here is one of our resident scrub jays. It was amusing watching this bird caching his peanut -- as with most of my backyard "residents," he/she knows I'm watching and apparently didn't want his/her picture taken. I don't have anything planted in those pots -- believe me I tried once or twice. But between the birds burying their treasures in these small pots and my not remembering to water them on a daily basis, nothing would survive.

After Mr. Jay buried his peanut, he then proceeded to "snoop" around on the ground just to the left of the hanging pots. I apologize for not getting better shots, but as I mentioned before it seems that my backyard birds don't like their pictures taken. Mmmm. Maybe I should try wearing fatigues. :)


LostRoses said...

Well, I think those are pretty good shots, Mary! Do your scrub jays eat up your entire peanut supply? We have them in our area too, but at a slightly higher elevation so they don't come to my yard. But they do send their cousins the Blue jays, another peanut hog!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I enjoyed seeing your scrub jay! We don't have the scrubs in Kansas City, only the Blue Jays like Lostroses.
Light is a amzing when it comes to photos! I have learned so much about light and color since I started taking pictures.

Lynne said...

We have lots of blue jays here too but I've never seen a scrub jay. You pictures are terrific!! Are scrub jays as clever as blue jays?

mon@rch said...

Mary, had to pull out a blogger account to comment in here! Just love those Scrub Jay photos! They would be wonderful to have in my backyard but we just get the blue jays!

RuthieJ said...

I have seen the scrub jay going for peanuts when visiting my brother in Antelope, CA. They are fun birds to watch and easy to spot because of that beautiful blue color.
My bluejays love peanuts in the shell too and bury them throughout the yard so the squirrels can find them later!

Larry said...

I've never seen a Scrub Jay-Nice bird-I'm lousy at gettting close to birds for pics-you did a fine job!

Mary said...

Mary, I giggled when I read your desire to wearing fatigues! I had posted on my desire to wear camouflage a few months ago.

I've never seen a scrub jay and those are terrific photos. We only get a glimpse of those elusive blue jays.

KGMom said...

When my husband & I visited Portland OR earlier this year, we saw scrub jays. They looked quite exotic to us Easteners.
Now blue jays--you can take them. They are such pushy birds.

Mary C said...

Thanks, everybody, for the compliments. I am amused by how many of you are not familiar with scrub jays, but more familiar with their cousins, the blue jays. It just goes to show how long I've been living in the western part of the country, mostly California. I do remember seeing scrub jays in the Albuquerque area, too, when we had lived there for a few years. And meanwhile, it's been too long since I've done any birding in the eastern half of the country.

Lost Roses: yes, the scrub jays can be like little bandits with the peanuts -- but I have more crows than jays coming to the feeder for peanuts. You mentioned jays at a higher elevation - aren't those the Stellars' jays? I remember them when we lived in Colorado, but only saw them in the mountains.

Sherry, Lynne, Mon@rch, Larry, I'm still learning - learning about so many things pertaining to birding, insects (especially butterflies), and even photography from an amateur's standpoint. You know - just good enough to enjoy one's own pix, but of decent enough quality that you don't mind sharing with others.

Ruthie - you have a bigger connection with CA than I previously realized! :) Your brother is only about two hours (or less) from where I live.

Mary - do "serious" birders wear camouflage to get good pix? ;) Is that how you get those great photos? [only kidding]

KGMom - You had me chuckling when you described the blue jays as pushy. I am visualizing them as the bully of the backyard. :)


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