Friday, June 29, 2007


After eluding this amateur photographer for the past few weeks, this evening I hung around long enough and determined enough to get a picture of one of my few hummer visitors.

I have been feeling discouraged not being able to get any decent pictures of my backyard birds, but especially the hummingbirds. Here is a shot of him sitting up in my neighbor's acacia tree, hanging out and waiting for me to go back inside the house before flying to the feeder.

I was to find out who could wait the longest. I decided to have some patience and wait it out. So while waiting for this little guy, an Anna's Hummingbird, to get to the feeder, I hung around in the vicinity and admired my cannas that are now blooming.

Here are two shots of a couple of the blooming plants. I am really surprised how easy these plants are to take care of. The last couple of years I had them in pots. But this past spring I wanted to plant them in the ground because they outgrew the pots. And I've seen other neighbors' yards where the plants are doing quite well planted in the ground.

This is a close-up of the larger plant, pictured on the left in the previous photo.

And finally, my payment for patience!


Larry said...

Excellent photo!-Glad you finally got it .

Body Soul Spirit said...

The birds and rodents are making a mess of my flower pots this year with their burying habits. Each morning there is dirt all over and I have to cover the roots of the plants.
I haven't been able to get good pictures like this!

Mary C said...

Thanks, Larry. At least I'm not feeling as frustrated! ;)

Ruth, I guess most of us are dealing with those juvie delinquents aka young squirrels. Previous years (including last year) I had quite a few potted plants, and every afternoon/evening I would have quite a clean-up job to do thanks to those little ungrateful rodents. I say ungrateful because we go through the trouble of putting out the peanuts for them in one of those squirrel feeders. And then in thanks they make a huge mess. We have had problems with them chewing on the plastic pieces of our drip irrigation system as well as (yuck) chewing on the styrofoam pipe covers.

KGMom said...

Your cannas are a lovely color. I do not have enough sun to grow them. My neighbor does, though--his are brilliant red.
You got the hummer--lovely shot.

Mary said...

There you go, Mary! Great shots. I've seen hummers make u-turns when they notice me. They'll wait a while then take another chance. LOL!

I love canna. They are in the ground behind the waterfall on my pond. The JAPANESE BEATLES are eating them to death! Ahhhhh!

Barbara said...

Great pictures of the hummers!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
That's a great hummingbird picture. I have a hard time getting pictures of mine too, about the time I finally get the camera up and focused, they're gone!
Those cannas are beautiful. Do you keep them outside year-round?

Q said...

Dear mary,
Oh, your Hummer is so beautiful!
Wonderful photo!
It does take patience but it is worth waiting! I enjoy the hummingbirds so very much and miss them when they leave in the Fall.
Excellent! I think I will go back a droll...

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
My mom e-mailed me and asked me to post this comment to your blog because she doesn't have a Google Account and always comments as 'Anonymous' on my blog:

"Your pictures of the cannas are beautiful [love the close up] and the Anna's hummingbird is spectacular, I'd never seen one before this."

ABQ-B-Fly Guy said...

Enjoyed the hummingbird pics you posted! Great blog..I'll make sure I visit it often.


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