Saturday, November 3, 2007

It has finally happened!

I pretty much gave up that "mama" lynx spider's egg sac would produce a bunch of spiderlings. But it finally happened. Red and I saw an inkling of what probably started sometime yesterday. And then we checked again this morning; and lo and behold! There were hundreds of teeny-tiny little "specks" all over the sac. I first became suspicious of something happening Thursday afternoon, because I saw two small holes on the top portion of the sac. But my thought was that the sac was deteriorating and if anything was inside the sac it was probably dead. But I was so wrong, and I'm glad I was. Here are a few photos and a video (not the best quality - sorry about that). You have to look really close; anything that looks like a "speck" is a little lynx spiderling. Please click on the photos to see a larger close-up.


Mary said...

Wonderful photos and yes, I can see all of the baby spiders. This is awesome. Thanks for keeping such a sharp eye on the nest and getting these great shots.


mon@rch said...

Love this series of photos of the spiders! Great video and I hate when it decides to focus like that! Happens to me all the time!

Beverly said...

Those photos are incredible. Thanks for posting them.

Q said...

Wow! This was wonderful.
Thank you.

Kathiesbirds said...

Mary, thanks for leaving me the link to this post. You know it reminds me of Charlotte's Web, everyone's favorite mama spider!Pretty amazing! What a treat to see this for yourself. Glad they are all outside the house though!


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