Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lynx Spider update

These little critters are growing fast! These pix give a better view of their legs. Remember, yesterday, all we saw was their bodies. But today you can see their legs. Yes, they are dispersing. Mama will be all alone before too long. Be sure to click on the photos to get a larger view.

For those of you who are fascinated with these critters, please visit Red's blog. She posted a few macro shots to give a closer view of the baby spiders.


mon@rch said...

Wonderful hearing about how quickly these guys are growing!

LostRoses said...

Only a true naturalist would revel in this. I shut my eyes just so I could comment! LOL!

Adam R. Paul said...

Ooh neato! Thanks for following their progress!

Mary said...

I can hardly look. Ick. I don't dislike spiders - oh, who am I fooling - yes, I dislike them. I have the shivers now.

It is very interesting, Mary. But I can't look for long.

Mary said...

Amazing what nature can do, isn't it? These little guys seem to be growing very quickly. Thanks for updating us on their progress.


Red said...

This morning I looked and it seemed like there were still a few around... "mama" was still there... and it seemed to me to be mostly their molts which appears to be a lot of what I see in the top photo here.

LostRoses and Mary... I was kinda freaked out for the first few days and didn't want to look at her when mom told me about it. Then because it stayed, and more importantly, stayed still, I got fascinated, and when she grew fatter, I knew she was gonna lay eggs.

I just wish I knew how long Lynx Spiders lived. I googled and googled but didn't find the answer yet.

PS... I'll try to get my pics up later today. Because I have a macro lens, I could take closeups of the babies.

Mary C said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments. I know it's not everyone's favorite "sport" to watch these critters, but I have really found the lynx spider to be quite fascinating. It's been fun to watch "mama's" progress, and then even actually see her "babies." Mother nature can be so fascinating in so many ways.

Red - I'm looking forward to seeing your macro pix, and I hope everyone else who has commented here will check out your blog soon.

RuthieJ said...

OMG, Mary, that's so amazing! There must be hundreds of those spider babies. Do you know what they eat when they're that little?

dguzman said...

Oooh ick!!!! I clicked to view the larger view, and now I'm sure I'm gonna have nightmares!


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