Monday, July 23, 2007

Around the house, part 2

I thought my morning glories were so pretty a week ago - they seemed to be even prettier this weekend. At least there are more flowers this time. And the beautiful heart-shaped leaves - some of them are 4-5 inches across.
Here is a shot of the cannas with the morning glories. Don't you love the color combination? :o) Some of the leaves of the cannas tropicana are 10-12 inches across, and they are about 15-18 inches long.

The other day I was in our front yard - that's where I got one of those hummingbird pix. I am still trying to get a photo of some bees or at least one bee (the large kind) on one of our crepe myrtle flowers. I'll succeed one of these days. Meanwhile I found this praying mantis clinging to our stucco wall. I'm surprised he/she wasn't in the rose bushes or any of the other plants. Of course, if he/she would have been in the plants I may have missed him/her.
This plant is just starting to bloom; it's a marguerite daisy. This plant is located in the side yard on the east side of the house. I look forward to seeing the rest of the buds bloom, which shouldn't be too long - hopefully by next weekend.
In our backyard we have a Japanese maple just outside our bedroom window. Under the tree we have some kafir lilies. Here is the one of the blossoms.
Also in the back yard just across from the kafir lilies is this red geranium.
And then along the west side of our house we have a passion flower. Here is one of the blooms.
Just next to the passion flower are more of my cannas. The climbing plant beyond the cannas is a flowering maple. I'll have to get a close-up shot of it one of these days.
Back to the front yard. Here is a blossom from one of our trailing lantanas. If you think you see Easter lily leaves around it, you are right. The lantana is creeping its way toward the pathway where the Easter lilies are located.
And then back around the east side of the house we have Naked Ladies blooming.


mon@rch said...

Around the house "bird" version was great but these flowers are stunning! You might want to rephrase that last flower part differently!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Your gardens are so pretty!
I keep looking for a Praying Mantis, one of my favorite bugs.

Larry said...

you've got some great flowers! I try, but yours are a lot nicer.

ABQ-B-Fly Guy said...

The morning glories color is so brilliant against that white background! And the passion vine flower is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!


Mary C said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I've really been pleased with the cannas this year. Before, I had all the cannas in pots and they never grew that large or flowered so nicely. Planting them in the ground made quite a difference. And the morning glories were a surprise - they sprouted from seeds that fell from previous years and were reawakened once we dug up the soil to plant the cannas.

Lynne said...

I've enjoyed the tour around your garden Mary. Your flowers are just lovely.

Mary said...

I've been looking for a praying mantis, too! Your gardens are so nice and fresh. So, no Japanese Beetles, ey? Do you miss them? (Just joking). They are chomping away at my canna flowers and leaves, and also trying to destroy crepe myrtles. It's not a good summer here, so far.

Keep trying for that bee! You'll get one...

Red said...

Hey it could be worse... I almost mentioned to my dad that he should check out his naked ladies.

He's the one who got them from the neighbor and planted them.

I think we're having a great garden year because we had a "deep freeze" for about a week this winter. (sub freezing temps about 20 above) It killed a lot of the bug eggs.

Dorothy said...

Your flowers are beautiful Mary, especially the Morning Glories.
I remember the ones that grow wild along PCH on the way into Laguna Beach....deep purple ones with red centers. I searched and searched for those seeds when we moved back East....and I finally found them in a seed catalog.

LostRoses said...

You have some really stunning color combinations, Mary! Loved reading about your NWR tour also. I've never heard of the Lava Beds, but on the other hand, I've never been in northern California. Oh, and happy 40th anniversary!


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