Friday, July 6, 2007

Eight Random Facts Meme

Lynne from Hasty Brook tagged me for this meme. I haven't done this before, so I hope I do this right.

Here are the rules for Eight Random Facts Meme:
Players start with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about 8 things, and post these rules.
At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I grew up around music all my life. I learned to read music and play the accordion (for a very brief time) when I was 8; learned to play piano as an adult - but don't play anymore.

2. I've always sung in choral groups since elementary school. I sang in the A Capella choir in high school (as well as the Glee Club). And I've sung solos in church as an adult.

3. Years ago when I was a stay-at-home mom I canned or made jam from the fruit trees in our backyard (namely apples, plums, and peaches), and I made home-made bread (from scratch).

4. I grew up as a practicing Catholic, but then after marriage became a Missouri Synod Lutheran, and I still am.

5. I graduated from an all-girls Catholic high school in Baltimore, and waited until my kids were in junior high before pursuing a college degree.

6. As a child I always liked to play "school." And originally aspired to become an elementary school teacher until I realized I liked the courses that were offered in Library School more than wanting to get a teaching credential.

7. I have just completed my sixth year as Medical Librarian in the hospital where I work. I also am one of those very few fortunate folks who can walk to work. The hospital is only two blocks away (walking distance) - only one block as the crow flies.

8. My husband and I are facing another remodel in our home (due to start next week). This time we are tackling the family room with a new fireplace face and new flooring among other smaller details.

OK - the folks named below are the ones I am tagging - my apologies if any of you have already been recently tagged.

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2. Delia at Beginning to Bird
3. Dorothy at Woods View
4. Kate at Kate Smudges
5. Sandy at Gardenpath
6. Patrice at From Patrice
7. Annie in Austin at Transplantable Rose
8. Wren (Jane) at Wrenaissance Reflections


Dorothy said...

Oh Mary, how funny. I've been tagged twice in the last 2 hours! LOL I guess that means I'll have to come up with 16 things in my meme..and tag a bunch of other people. I'm game and will see what I can do. :o)

Larry said...

I'm jealous that you can walk to work.-I have a 66 mile round trip commute and hate it.-One of these days I'll get closer to my job.

RuthieJ said...

Walking to work is good exercise too!
I haven't played my piano in a while either

Lynne said...

I'm glad you did the meme Mary! It sounds like music has been a big part of your life. I'm sooo impressed about your canning and bread making skills. I hope you'll share pictures of your remodel- it sounds great!

Mary C said...

Oh Dorothy - I have to laugh, too. I told Ruthie in her blog just awhile ago that several of us all seem to be in the same blog circle - and so we've all been tagging each other. But, hey, it's fun to do - it's fun to learn a few more things about each other - and then we find out how much we all have in common.

That's a pretty long commute Larry. Does it take you more than half an hour? If so, you are among a majority of people in this country who have to commute that far. Here in the Bay Area we have some crazy folks who commute to work 1-1/2 hours *each* way! But then, that's the only way some folks can possibly afford to buy a home - my question though, is with the price of gas (about $3.20/gal) how can they be saving any money? Anyway, I am sooo glad I can walk to work, even in the winter rains.

Ruthie - I'd rather listen to my daughter play the piano - and I'd rather sing. :)

Hi Lynne - I'll try to keep that remodel in mind for taking pix. This remodel is small compared to what we have done in the past 6 years we've lived here. Thanks for tagging me - it was fun to do.

Patrice said...

Thanks, Mary. It was fun to learn more about you and to discover we have a few things in common! I've posted mine. Looking forward to reading about the others as well.


Anonymous said...

Like Dorothy, I was tagged twice in the same afternoon. Unlike her, I'm going to create a "twofer" post - 8 things, 8 tags, and you'll have to share.

I believe I was the only overlap between the two lists, which led me to think about how people integrate different aspects of their activities and interests into one personality.

So, I'm off to think off my eight things.

Mary said...

Mary, what high school did you attend in Baltimore? I graduated in 73 from Archbishop Keough High School (now called Seton-Keough).

Mary C said...

Mary - I went to Institute of Notre Dame and graduated in (I hate to say it!) 1964.

Annie in Austin said...

Mary - my post is up - your random facts were fun to read - I'm another all girl high school grad, but from the Midwest.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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