Sunday, July 22, 2007

Around the house

For the past couple of days I have seen this little fledgling house sparrow visit my feeders. Imagine trying to get a photo from inside the house, with at least one cat, and usually it was two cats trying to attack it at the window feeder. I know the pic from inside the house isn't very clear, so I was glad to see the little bird go to the other feeder.
Then I rushed outside to see if I could get a decent shot of this fledgling at this feeder which is surrounded by my morning glories and cannas.

Earlier in the day I was out in the front yard and I happened to be at the right place at the right time with my trusty little camera. I've been experimenting with my camera, too. And I decided to try using the "action" or "sport" mode to see if I can get a better shot of these birds in action. And apparently I did just that.
This shot was later in the day and taken at one of my hummingbird feeders in the back yard. Too bad it's only his back, but again I managed to get an action shot.
If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you will see a male house finch at the same feeder the fledgling sparrow was at. This pic was taken late in the day, getting close to sundown.


Mary said...

Oh, I remember my cats at the window and the chipping sounds they made along with the low growls. Funny!

I love your hummingbird photos! The first hummingbird feeder you show is different. I've never seen one like and wonder how it works...

Mary C said...

Hi Mary - I like feeding the birds to keep the cats entertained. ;-) The hummingbird feeder you referred to is a recent acquisition. It was also the first time I had seen it. I found it on the Duncraft web site. I mostly order my bird seed and feeders through them. The feeder is called a Nectar Bar manufactured by Aspects (never heard of them before), Warren, Rhode Island. BTW, I think I may have seen this feeder recently at my local Wild Bird Center. I can't remember if the feeder is a 2 ounce or a 4 ounce, but it holds enough nectar for 3-4 days. What I like best about it - it's so easy to clean. It's just a square little "box" with a red lid and three holes that fits in a cut-out portion that the suction cup holds. Check it out on Duncraft's web site -

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Those hummingbird shots are great. BTW, for those of us who have to take our hummingbird feeders down in the winter, that Aspects window feeder becomes a seed feeder when you take the red cover off! (we sold these feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited).

All of your flowers are so lovely--I really like all the different colors.

Mary C said...

Thanks, Ruthie. BTW, I'm glad you mentioned the winter method of using the Aspects feeder. I forgot to mention it to Mary. But, then, maybe she doesn't have to take down her hummer feeders for winter living in North Carolina? I get fewer hummers in the winter months, and I put out fewer feeders for that reason. But it is a pleasure to see a few hummers late in the year.

Dorothy said...

I've got cats who love to look out at our feeders Mary! It's their main form of entertainment. I also keep thistle socks hanging right at the outside of one window, I use an expandable curtain rod to hang them. The goldfinches love the sox, as do the other small birds, chickadees, etc. I have yet to see a hummingbird at my feeder though.


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