Friday, July 20, 2007

Lower Klamath NWR and Butte Valley area

Thursday morning, July 12th we left Klamath Falls (where we stayed overnight) and headed for Lower Klamath to finish the auto tour. Shortly after getting to Lower Klamath we could spot Mt. Shasta. Here is a view of Mt. Shasta as I zoomed in on it.
Click on this photo to get a larger view of a red-winged blackbird I was able to capture along the road tour. Other birds I had seen, but don't have any photos of: western meadowlark, marsh wrens, terns sp., brown-headed cowbird, cliff swallows.

Here is one of my better shots of a great egret we saw along the road. Other birds seen along the road: gadwall (many mamas with their chicks), red-tailed hawk, American white pelican, Forster's tern, and a male ruddy duck. We also saw several flocks of white-faced ibises flying all over the refuge.
As we left Lower Klamath NWR, we came into Butte Valley National Grassland and Butte Valley Wildlife Management area. As we were driving along my husband spotted this bald eagle along the roadside. This was our first bald eagle in California. We've seen bald eagles before in Alaska and New Mexico, but never in this state.
As we drove around the Butte Valley Wildlife Management area we came to a small lake - Juanita Lake. Local folks were camping there and fishing. Walking along the trail around part of the lake I spotted this cormorant.
Then as we left the wildlife management area, we kept watching to see if we would see the bald eagle again. He apparently moved from one snag to another about 40 feet from the first snag. And here he was surrounded by (I think) a bunch of crows. Click on the image to get a larger view. The eagle is in the lower left of the tree/snag.
As we continued to travel south on US 97 to catch I-5 we stopped by the vista point to get some photos of Mt. Shasta.


mon@rch said...

Looks like such a wonderful trip seeing so many great views (and birds)

Mary said...

Mary, I enlarged your photos and must say Mt. Shasta is breathtaking, you lucky girl.

All of your photos are fantastic but I think the one that I like best is the cormorant. It looks like a framed print. Wow!

You are getting around to some real hot spots!

Larry said...

You were able to see some nice birds.-One thing I like about Bald Eagles is that they are large and have that contrasting head.-You can get a decent picture from a distance.-Nice Egret Pic too!

Sandy said...

Just spent some time looking through your trip posts. You got some great shots and saw a lot of territory. What a nice way to spend an anniversary!

I like that you finished with Mt. Shasta. We have shots of it from 1970 when we drove from Oklahoma to Oregon. Beautiful mountain!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I enjoyed your road trip! Wow lots of birds. all of your photos are so nice. The last photo of Mt. Shasta is breath taking.
Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Body Soul Spirit said...

What a great trip and superb pictures. There is so much I haven't seen on this continent alone. I haven't seen the Rockies at all, but hope to before too long.


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