Friday, September 14, 2007

US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

Our walking tour ended at the US Naval Academy at noon, when all midshipmen participate in what is known as "formations." You should be able to see larger views of each of these photos by clicking on them. As you can see "formations" takes place in front of Bancroft Hall.

Here you can see the color guard coming from Bancroft Hall...

...presenting the colors...

...and colors recessing.

Naval Academy brass. You can visit Red's blog to see a video of formations, and you will hear a few of the tunes they played.

All recessing into Bancroft Hall.


Julian's blog said...

Hi there!
Love all the photographs on your site.
Glad I stumbed on the blog.

mon@rch said...

wow, this is such an interesting thing to be apart of! This is wonderful you were able to document it like this! BRAVO

Q said...

Such a wonderful time you and your daughter must have had!
I feel as if I was there too!
Thanks. this was fun. Red's Blog is nice too...

USNA [Ancient Mariner] said...

It would appear to be a Noon Meal Formation [not formations] and -more importantly ... ;o} ... there have been no "cadets" at the U.S. Naval Academy since the late 1890s ... Midshipmen, please !

Cadets belong at WooPoo and that inferior place in Colorado.

Mary said...


I've seen so much of the Naval Academy when I lived in Maryland but I never get enough! It's a top-notch academy, full of fantastic men and women, surrounded by scenic beauty. Gina swam at Lejuene Hall a few times a year and we always enjoyed the middies during their diving practices :o)

Mary C said...

Julian - thank you for visiting my blog; glad you liked the photos.

Thanks, Mon@rch. There's more to come, so stay tuned! :)

Sherry - I'm so glad I am able to share my vacation with you and everyone else who visits. It definitely was a fun vacation for both Red and I. I'm glad you also took the time to visit Red's blog, too. She always puts a different twist on things.

Ancient Mariner - thanks for visiting and correcting such a stupid error I made. I should have known better. Does the academy do more than the Noon Meal Formation?

Mary - I know exactly what you mean about not getting enough, both about the middies as well as the beautiful scenery. I just can't believe I never bothered to visit Annapolis while I lived in Maryland. I found this town/city to be one of my favorites while on vacation this year.

RuthieJ said...

Very interesting, Mary. Do they do this 'every' day? Rain or shine?

Mary C said...

Hi Ruthie - I think the tour guide told us that they do this every week day, except when it rains.

If anyone else is reading this post and I am incorrect, please let me know.

USNA {Ancient Mariner] said...

In decent weather Noon Meal Formations [with the Color Guard [on weekends] are ... at least used to be ... a loooong, loooong time ago ... the only ones in Tecumseh Court [in front of Mother Bancroft]. On Saturdays they were accompanied by personnel inspection.

There are [or were] "practice" p-rades once a week on Worden Field, Wednesdays if memory serves [and that becomes more and more questionable every day ... ;o} ... and periodic Dress Parades [but, for the life of me, I can't remember how often -monthly in the Spring and Fall and during June Week [now some other appellation] I think; I just remember we hated them, but the tourists didn't ... which reminds me ... Midshipman may be referred to as "Mids", but middies are articles of female attire and only used to describe Mids by Mothers and so called "journalists" [should know better !] ... Drags [dates/girlfriends] learn early on not to use that term and if not don't retain that status long.


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