Sunday, September 23, 2007

Washington, DC

Our trip to our nation's capital was entirely too short. As a matter of fact, our whole vacation packed in more than we could reasonably see in a week. And a trip to DC just doesn't do the city justice when all you have is just eight hours to hit the highlights. But Red and I did manage to see a few places. Please visit Red's blog to see a few more photos that I haven't posted here.

Our method of transportation was using the Metro; this is the best way to get around in DC and the surrounding areas. So our first stop was the Library of Congress. I visited the Library of Congress for the first time back in 2004 when I traveled there for a combined business and pleasure trip. I was so impressed with this building I just had to sell Red on seeing it, too. The Library of Congress is so ornate, and at one time was considered the "largest, ... costliest, ... and safest library building in the world."

This year's special exhibit featured Bob Hope and American Variety. This room is a gallery usually dedicated to American Entertainment. This year features Bob Hope and all he was known for in the entertainment business, but also included some of his personal life's history. Click on the photos to see larger images.

After spending a couple hours in the Library of Congress we wanted to walk by the Capitol and head for the memorials by walking the mall. Here is a photo looking back at the Capitol with some beautiful cannas in the foreground.

While walking past the Capitol and headed for the mall, Red and I saw a building that looked like a giant-sized green house. It was the National Botanic Gardens. Well, there was no way we were going to pass up such an opportunity. We had to see what was there, but little did we know we would spend several hours there and still feel that we only scratched the surface of what was available to see. Many plants and flowers that were outdoors had bees and butterflies all over them. Here is just one shot of a couple bees on some beautiful yellow flowers. Anybody know what these flowers are?
This was a display featuring the gardens of New Mexico, namely the Botanic Gardens located in Albuquerque. Note the chile ristra hanging from the center of the wagon. This is something that is commonly seen hanging outside the front door of many homes in New Mexico.
OK - we are finally walking down the mall, headed for the memorials that are located there. But it is getting late and we are getting tired - so we decide to see just the Vietnam Memorial and the World War II Memorial. Here is a view of the WWII Memorial in front of the Lincoln Memorial, taken from the grassy area near the Washington Monument.
While we are walking down the mall toward the memorials, we look off to the side to our right and get a glimpse of the White House. I zoomed in on it and this was the result. This building and the Capitol are two buildings I have not ever visited. Have any of you ever visited either of these buildings?
And here is a view of the Washington Monument taken from the WWII Memorial.


Mary said...

Mary - great trip, great photos (and memories for me). I had a White House tour three years ago. My next door neighbor was Cheney's assistant and he gave us a great tour. I wanted to see kitchens and bedrooms, but we only saw the Oval Office and historical things :o)

I've been on several field trips to Washington, D.C. and although they are memorable, I hate the city.

My husband managed the electrical portion of the Library of Congress many years ago when it was built (or renovated - I don't remember the details). It was a job that lasted several years.

Thanks for the tour!

Red said...

Hey Mom! I just discovered someone translated into German and posted this post of yours... credit was given though.

Odd, still.

German link

Lisbet said...

Good post.


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