Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are you in a funk?

Here are some floral pix of two of my houseplants that are blooming right now. And I dedicate these pix to my blogging buddies who are feeling a bit down. I hope this will brighten your day. These first few pix are one of my two Christmas cacti that are blooming. I keep them in the kitchen window at the sink which has two windows, so they get plenty of light since one window faces south and the other faces west.

And these photos are of one of my amaryllis plants. This is the first one to bloom so far. This one is called Minerva. I just love the red and white stripings. It makes me think of candy canes. Also take note of the reflections in the window. This window is an east-facing window. So these plants get sunlight at the beginning of the day. That's when the sun shines. I'm ecstatic! We've had sunshine for the past two days. The rain is gone for a while.

Well, I'm off to Las Vegas on a business trip for the next few days. A couple of colleagues and I are doing a power point presentation featuring a project we have been involved in doing for the past couple of years. And we thought it was time to share our project with other fellow medical librarians.


Lynne said...

Beautiful flowers Mary! I especially like the white Christmas cactus.

Mary said...

Thank you, Mary. My funk is beginning to lift. Your flowers are so bright and cheery!

Hey, have fun in Las Vegas! Hope you get some sleep there...

mon@rch said...

Those are soo nice and be sure to have fun in Vegas!

Dorothy said...

Hi Mary,

Your flowers are so pretty. My Christmas Cacti have finished blooming..and my Amarylis are not putting out any buds..just leaves.
But I rescued them from an after-Christmas sale at Walmart, so maybe I started them too late.
Thanks for lifting my winter blahs with your pretty photos.
Have fun in Las Vegas!

Red said...

Ha Dorothy... you and she should get your plants together... hers are only budding... no leaves.

Nice pics mom! Your Christmas Cactus ones came out much more crisp than most of mine did.

Larry said...

Very nice photos Mary! I am getting a little bit of that lack of light syndrome-I'm ready for Spring to spring once again!

Wren said...

Even though I'm not in a funk, I enjoy the pics. The amaryllis are beautiful. All of my house plants remained in Virginia when I moved - the right choice, but still it's nice to enjoy yours vicariously. Did you hear Marcus's paper on medical library bloggers?

RuthieJ said...

Ooh, Mary, what pretty flowers. I would like to have a Christmas cactus with those pretty white blossoms.
I've never tried amaryllis because I don't have a place to set them....doesn't your kitty chew on the leaves?

Mary C said...

Hi Lynne - I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. And just to let you in on a little "secret," as well as something funny...the flowers were so profuse on one side of the Christmas cactus that it was difficult to move the pot around without it falling over. :o)

Hi Mary - I had "fun" in Vegas, but I was sleep-deprived, which is why (I think) I got sick this week. My immune system went awry.

Hi Mon@arch - thanks, and I will put up a post or two in the next few days about my trip to Vegas.

Hi Dorothy - I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed my flowers. Funny how some amaryllis will bloom first and others will put out leaves first. (See my latest post.) The flowering bulbs were also planted late, so I guess that shoots your theory about leaves and no flowers. But, I'm wondering if I stored my "leafy" pot too late in the season. Well, hopefully I will see flowers from that pot after the other two have had their "glory." ;o)

Hi Red - thanks. Take a gander at my latest post. I just took these pix around 10 a.m. today (Feb 14).

Hi Larry - I sure hope you've seen some sunshine, and just maybe a taste or tease of warmer days to come. It sure sounds like we're all antsy for spring. BTW, I'm looking forward to the GBBC this weekend. I'm sure glad I'm feeling better - and hoping to do at least three days of backyard watching.

Wren - thanks so much for stopping by. It was a pleasure to hear Mark Funk speak on Medical Librarians (and their blogging)and how valuable their service is to the hospitals who have them in their employ. The best was saved for last where there was a group of four panelists who were to present and then debate - one was Mark Funk. The sad part was that the presentations took so long there wasn't enough time to get/give feedback to the presenters afterwards.

Hi Ruthie - thanks. I haven't seen any of our kitties chewing on the amaryllis leaves yet. That doesn't mean they don't. But I've had them on a baker's rack which they seem to avoid.


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