Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Elvis" in Las Vegas

The trip to Las Vegas is now behind me, and now it's time to share some of the highlights that I captured on video or in pictures. The trip was an annual meeting of medical librarians who are located in California, Nevada, and Arizona - aka Western MLA, held at the Flamingo Hotel on the Strip.

Some folks may think of librarians as fuddy-duddies, or prim and proper, etc. But let me tell you that is definitely not my perception. I truly believe librarians, especially medical librarians I have met or work with are real party animals. Let it be said here that if you should want a lively party, be sure to invite at least one librarian!

Our Welcome Reception kicked off Wednesday evening, sporting all-you-can-eat hors d'oeuvres and an open bar. And our entertainment for the evening was someone who was to make a "special" appearance. Our special guest was none other than "Elvis." Can you imagine how many of them are running around there in Las Vegas? Overall, I thought he was mighty young looking. I guess we were supposed to believe this was the "young" Elvis from many days gone by. I will at least admit that his voice had a quality that sounded a lot like the "original" Elvis. I had to chuckle as to the number of times I attempted to get a decent photo of him. But he never stood still long enough. That's when I decided to try catching a video of him. The second photo was taken by a professional photographer who made copies for each person who posed with "Elvis." I have taken the liberty to scan it into my computer to make it available for this blog. I'm located on the far left side (in pink). The other women in the picture are all local colleagues of mine.

And here are a couple of videos of Elvis performing for us. Now that I have viewed the videos here on the blog, I'm disappointed that they are showing so dark. My original videos are not that dark looking. Well, at least it gives you a small idea of what transpired that evening.


mon@rch said...

I would love to one day ask Elvis if he was a birdwatcher! LOL! Looks like a great time and good to see you in the photo with him!

Wren said...

Okay, Mary - I'm looking to see you partying in Chicago at the national meeting. Now that you've let our librarian secret out to the world, you have to do your part to uphold the standards.

Mary said...

I knew one "media specialist" (isn't that the new name for librarian?) who I knew was a party animal. Her name was Cookie!

I wonder how many Elvis impersonators there are in Las Vegas. A few thousand? He was pretty good!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a proper Vegas trip without an Elvis sighting! Sounds like a fun time.

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mary,
That's one good lookin' young Elvis. You should have pushed your way right up next to him for the picture! I'm glad your conference wasn't ALL work.

Larry said...

Looks like a fun time-I am a fan of some of some of the Elvis stuff.-I like it when he sang kind of inspirational gospel stuff in concert-very dramatic.

Cathy said...

Honey! I'll remember your advice about medical librarians. Dang. I don't know any.

That day at Palo Alto Baylands must have been thrilling. I've never seen a Clark's Grebe. What a great bird. I read through your day's bird list. Sheesh. That is so cool. What a great area.

Oh! The Long-eared Owl. Great pixes!

Mary C said...

Monarch - LOL, maybe he was a birdwatcher before he became famous?

Wren - I wondered if you were gonna mention that I let the "secret" be known. ;o) I can't make it to Chicago -- maybe that's why we're party animals? Our business trips are too few and far between? ;o)

Mary - Now "Cookie" sounds like a party animal's name, doesn't it? I wondered the same thing about how many Elvis impersonators roam around in Vegas. I would think that each hotel has at least one, maybe 2 or 3.

Lynne - thanks for stopping by. And yes, it was a fun trip.

Adam - you are right - Vegas isn't Vegas without seeing at least one Elvis.

Ruthie - Yeah, he was good looking and so young, too -- probably old enough to be my son! LOL!

Larry - I remember some of his gospel songs. They were really good. You knew he sang those songs/hymns with all his heart and soul.

Cathy - thanks for stopping by. Yeah, those long-eared owls were really something special. And to think I saw them during the day.


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