Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More bird photos in the garden at Flamingo Hotel

These are the last of the photos I took in the garden at the Flamingo Hotel. Again, I have no idea of what this bird is called. I figured it was some kind of hen. Any guesses anyone? Such a plump body. I wonder what it would taste like; I wonder if it would have a similar taste to our domestic chickens. Then again, maybe it isn't a game bird at all.

The activity of the day seemed to be preening. Almost every bird I caught a picture of was preening itself.

OK, now I'm ready for you to take my picture. Don't you like my coppery colored feathers? How about that little touch of white on my rump? And how about my colorful legs and bill? Don't you think I'm one of the prettiest ducks around here?

Oh, hello again. Here you go; take a picture of me and my sweetie.

And this is Sylvia, again, the African crowned crane. Is she having a bad hair day?

And here is another shot of a few more flamingos. You know, it's amazing that I got to see so many exotic birds, and I didn't have to leave the country. And I didn't have to go to Florida to see flamingos. Cool.


mon@rch said...

I love seeing all your up close birdies and that chicken like bird is a cuttie!

Mary said...

That crane looks mighty flighty. Too many nights in a row on the strip.


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