Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are we in Venice or Las Vegas?

Friday evening a group of us went to the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. This place, so like the rest of Las Vegas, is a fantasy world, much like "Hollywood." There was all kinds of shopping and dining, and evening entertainment, all under one roof. But the roof is what was so fantastic - or at least the ceiling was. It was hard to believe you were indoors for all of this. Everywhere you walked you could look up and see a beautiful blue sky with clouds. It looked like daylight, and it was so realistic it made you think you were outdoors, even though you knew it was dark outside. This was the restaurant where we had dinner - Wolfgang Puck's Postrio. Very good food, moderately expensive, and way too much to eat! It certainly was an enjoyable dinner, and the entertainment while we ate was a group of musicians (on a stage) playing all Italian music. Very nice atmosphere.
All along the shops was this "river" full of gondoliers, not only taking patrons from one place to another, but also singing. Yes, singing - Italian songs, of course. The atmosphere was to get you to think you were in Venice. There was a charge for "transporting" people, but I forget was the cost was, and it was by reservation only.

When we finished our dinner, a friend/colleague of mine and I decided to walk on the Strip, heading back towards our hotel. On our way back we saw Planet Hollywood across from The Forum and The Forum Shoppes (where this photo was taken). The white fog in the lower left corner was the steam coming up from the pond in front of the Forum. In the background behind Planet Hollywood you can see Caesar's Palace.
Anybody a Jimmy Buffet fan? I thought these neon lights were quite attractive. This is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.
Overall, it was a very fun visit to Las Vegas. But I will say I must be a birder or bird watcher at heart, because the highlight for me was walking through the Garden at the Flamingo Hotel and seeing all those exotic birds there.


RuthieJ said...

Everyone should have the chance to visit Las Vegas once in their life, don't you think Mary? We stopped there on a family vacation back in the early 70's, but so much has changed since then. I hope I get a chance to visit Las Vegas again someday (especially now that I know I can go birding there too!)

Red said...

I think I like the Parrot Head sign the best!

Mary said...

I agree! I've never been to Las Vegas but I think I'd like to go just to see the exotic bewds.


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