Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bellagio and All That Jazz

After a full day of speakers and presentations it was time for some fun. I had signed up for a quick walking tour of the Strip in Las Vegas. The highlight of our walk was seeing the "fountain show" that is given every night in front of The Bellagio Hotel. I was told that the fountain show is done every 15-20 minutes all night long, and the show is done to different tunes. While I was there the tune "All That Jazz" was sung. It sounded like Liza Minelli's voice, but I don't know for sure. Here are a few photos - one before the show started, and the other two during the show. Below are a couple of videos I also captured. Not only can you see the fountains in "action," but you can probably hear the tune, "All That Jazz."


Mary said...


I am laughing - Las Vegas hosting a meeting of librarians is so funny! You all must have had a fantastic time. I love the lights and sounds of such an exciting city.

mon@rch said...

Sounds like such a great place for a meeting! I have never been there and I can only bet it was a great deal of fun!

Mary C said...

Hi Mary - I must admit there was plenty there to see, especially in the evenings. It definitely can be an exciting city.

Hi Monarch - I would say that Las Vegas has a lot to offer almost any group for a meeting or convention. The hotels certainly know how to accomodate folks. Interestingly enough, there were at least two or three other groups staying and using the Flamingo Hotel - and that's only one hotel on the Strip.


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