Sunday, February 24, 2008

In the garden of the Flamingo Hotel

Staying at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas had one highlight that I found attractive. I was even asked if I wanted my room overlooking the Strip or the Garden. I chose the garden even though I had no idea what the difference would be. First of all, I was on the 18th floor and I didn't expect to see much below me, yet I was able to see a garden with flamingos in it. So a friend of mine and I took a mid-morning break from the events on Friday (mostly presentations) and chose to check out the garden. I was pleasantly surprised that there was more than flamingos in the garden. Here is one of my photos I took of a few flamingos.
And this gorgeous bird is Sylvia, an African crowned crane. I could tell she was used to getting her picture taken. I was able to take several shots of her from different angles. And she stood there as if she were posing, and asking folks "How's this angle?" Or "This is my better side."
This unique looking bird is called a sacred ibis. I forget which country where it can be found. I think it is from Asia somewhere.
And this is a black-necked swan. Again, from another country outside of North America.
Here are a couple of ducks, I think a little more "locally" known.
And here is a turtle sunning itself on the rocks.


Mary said...

Mary, at first I thought the flamingo's were plastic blow-ups and I thought, "Gee, how tacky"...I would have loved to mingle with such exotic birds! Lucky you! Great photos!

Mary C said...

Mary - funny you should mention that the flamingos were possibly plastic blow-ups. When I first looked out my window and looked down into the garden, I thought the same thing until I saw movement from those pinkish "blobs." Interestingly enough, I noticed while walking through the garden, several birds, including the flamingos, were wearing bands.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a neat mini-zoo they have there. I'm not sure what kind of duck that is, but it's not a native either! Did you get to experience the "lovely" scent of the flamingos? The ones at the SF zoo stink to high heaven!

Regarding bands, all captive birds should be banded (all of the ones I've seen at zoos are too) so if they escape, they can be identified & returned.

Lynne said...

I'm glad you chose the garden view! It never occurred to me that captive birds should be banded for id.

Mary C said...

Hi Adam - thanks for visiting. I never thought of it as a mini-zoo, but that would be a good description of it. So those ducks aren't native to North America? Good to know. As for the "aroma" of the flamingos -- there didn't seem to be any bad smells. I wonder if the grounds keeper has to keep the area clean. This area is not only an open area, but it also serves as a "playground." The "garden" has 3 or 4 water slides, obviously not used in Feb., but certainly would be used during warmer times of the year. And thanks for the info on banded birds - I thought maybe that was the case where captive birds are to be identified in case they escape.

Thanks for stopping by, Lynne. Yes, I'm glad, too, that I chose the garden side of the hotel.

Mel said...

Cool flamingos! Just remembered something I learnt as a kid! I think you just created my next post! hahaha, what could that be??? (will link you there so you can find out)
Love the pictures!


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